Company Overview
SwissSource develops, manufactures and sells a new type of ionization generator “ESTASI” for mass spectrometry market. Our product is an add-on device installed in front of the sensing head of the mass spectrometer. It generates ions without contact with the substance at room temperature.
The product consists of a high voltage signal generator connected to a metallic electrode covered with a plastic plate. An xyz table can be added for high throughput analysis, those movements is controlled by user friendly software.
SwissSource ionization source is ideally suited for bioanalytical studies, quality control analysis, because of its very convenient connection “plug & play” with many separation techniques, it provides accurate and specific characterization to avoid false positive/negative results. Our technology has already been demonstrated to work in a wide range of applications. As an ambient ionization technique, the sample preparation is minimized, positive and negative species simultaneously detected, any liquid or solid sample analysis is in less than milliseconds. Only nanoliters of samples are required for the analysis. Additionally, the ionization source for ESTASI is portable, inexpensive, and compatible with various mass spectrometers, making the innovation technology easily accessible to most laboratories and research centers.
Ionization source is providing faster, more efficient and accurate solutions across various fields, such as pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, research institutes, hospitals, food companies.