Company Overview
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF), established in 1946, is a private medical research institution in the US. We are recognized by NIH as a national center of excellence for immunology and autoimmune disease research (including specialized clinics for Lupus, Sjogren's and MS patients and large biorepositories of samples). Other key areas of research focus are cardiovascular biology & coagulation, oncology (in collaboration with the NCI designated Stephenson Cancer Center), and aging & metabolism (NIH designated national center for Aging Research). We have been highly successful in bringing both therapeutics and diagnostics to market. There are several drugs that have come out of OMRF's research and discovery efforts, including Xigris by Eli Lilly, Ceprotin by Baxter and Soliris by Alexion. Some of the successful start-up companies based on OMRF technologies include Alexion Pharma, Crescendo Biosciences (acquired by Myriad), Selexys (acquired by Novartis) etc.