Company Overview
American Laboratory Trading (ALT), a BIO Business Solutions® partner, is the North America market leader of secondary lab equipment. Founded in 1999, ALT is a full-service, customer-focused company that specializes in Recovery, Refurbish, and Resale services of pre-owned lab equipment.

Our asset recovery strategies go beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Whether you need to monetize a few instruments, liquidate an entire lab or require ongoing asset recovery services, we ensure an 'easy-to-work-with' partnership that maximizes the ROI of your idle and surplus lab equipment.

We acquire a full range of life science equipment, refurbish each instrument to OEM specifications and resell them to thousands of academia and biotech SMBs around the world. Our asset recovery and equipment refurbishment services provide universities and early-stage companies with access to brand name, quality equipment at 50%-80% lower than the cost of new instruments, helping to reduce the barrier of entry for the next generation of great scientists.

As the largest supplier of premium used lab equipment in North America, we stock more than 12,000 instruments, ranging from benchtop accessories to robust triple quad mass spectrometers. With sales, service, and warehouse facilities in Connecticut and Southern California, we offer equipment and services from coast to coast and around the world, serving customers in more than 60 countries.

To learn more, visit, email us at or call (860) 691-2213