Company Overview
With the spirit of “Practice-Oriented Education”, Taiwan Tech is acknowledged as a leading pioneer among technologically advanced universities in Taiwan. It is home to provide innovative and key technologies to the global market. Taiwan Tech GLORIA has been supporting Taiwan Tech’s research and is dedicated to integrating industry-university-government high tech ecosystem under one roof to boost beneficially bilateral and multilateral cooperation in cutting edge technology fields.
Taiwan Tech GLORIA provides “One-Stop Consulting Service” to our members and customized marketing service programs based on their needs to minimize initial barriers of entry and help them to uncover new opportunities in the market. We believe that a good platform of knowledge exchange and mobilization requires more than one leaders. Therefore, it is essential to ally partnerships with both private and public sectors in upgrading the quality and increasing the influence.

With the commitment of promoting collaboration between university and industry, Taiwan Tech GLORIA will continuously play a vital role and devote ourselves to meet the needs of our faculty and corporate partners to accelerate advances in technology and knowledge discovery.