Company Overview
Founded in 2001, Hypera Pharma has consolidated its position as the largest pharmaceutical in Brazil. We compete in all relevant segments of the sector and ranked #1 in Consumer Health (OTC), #2 in Branded Generics, with over 140 brands, and #5 in Branded Prescriptions. We offer a high development capacity, the best go-to-market platform, state-of-the-art facilities and a robust field support team that visits over 260,000 doctors per month. We aim to continuously invest in innovation and sustainable growth, always focusing on the health and wellness of the Brazilian people.

Our ambition at Bio includes partnering for licensing existing products or technologies which are not currently available in Brazil. We seek for partners or collaborative opportunities at a later stage of development that are interested in bringing exclusive new products and technologies to Brazil. We are also interested in exploring partnership opportunities to expand our portfolio through emerging technological dosage forms, such as, but not limited to, HME, spray-drying, liquid-fill hard gelatin capsules, active coating, nanoparticles, micro-encapsulation, non-invasive methods, among others. At this moment, we do not have the intention of exporting or licensing our products to other countries.

Hypera Pharma is ranked #1 in OTC drugs, with leadership in segments such as flu symptoms, pain relief, antacids and others. Among our brands are traditional and well-established products. We also are top ranked on branded and unbranded generics in Brazil, with the Neo Química franchise, which has more than 140 brands and 240 presentations of branded generics, and also 120 molecules and 190 presentations of generics. In prescription drugs, the company leads several therapeutic segments, under the Mantecorp Farmasa umbrella brand; our portfolio presents a large range of prominent labels. This segment is supported by broad-range sales and medical rep teams.

Such strength in the pharmaceutical market is based upon large-scale, low-cost operations, with one of the biggest pharmaceutical operating sites in the world. In addition, we have a robust distribution, both in the drugstore chain channel, as well as in traditional stores, reached by a wide distributor network. This operating platform is supported by high marketing investments and an aggressive innovation policy, with continuous launches of new products. We have innovation as one of our key strategic drivers and concentrate efforts in incrementing new technologies to expand our portfolio of drugs (OTC and Rx), sweeteners, nutraceutics and dermocosmetics. In addition to internal product development capabilities, we rely on an extensive partner network for developing new concepts and technologies.