Company Overview
Validation and Engineering Group is a top tier service provider founded in 1997 by engineers Ronald Pacheco and Luis Puig, looking to raise the bar on services and expertise offered to the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Chemicals (API), Food, and Consumer industries.

The key to our success rests on the quality of our people: a pool of talent of over 140 professionals in the fields of engineering and science, who pride themselves in building business relationships based on trust, honesty and the quality of their work. We have experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that bring depth or specialized knowledge when needed.

We consider our clients as partners; always looking for opportunities to grow our relationship and contribute to the success of the businesses we serve.
Our leaders have over 20 years of experience working in highly regulated environments. In addition, our executive team, which is highly experienced, closely oversees the projects and serve as coaches and/or additional consultants.

Our senior resources have held technical or managerial roles in major global bio-pharmaceutical and medical device companies, developing in depth knowledge in the industries. That knowledge and experience is now utilized to help our clients.

Our resources are flexible and capable of covering all geographical areas as needed. With an office in Atlanta, USA we have direct access to most international airports in the world, which facilitates traveling as required by any project.

Our services platform is split into four distinct areas: Regulatory Compliance, Validation and Qualification, Laboratory (Validation, Audits), and Engineering (Design Qualification Services), that ensure adherence to Federal and European regulatory agencies.


Regulatory Compliance
Audit & Assessments
GAP Analysis
Quality Control and Microbiology Laboratory Services
Standard Operating and Maintenance Procedures
Process and Cleaning Validation
Packaging and Process Analysis
Project Management
Regulatory Compliance
Utilities Support and Qualification
Quality Engineering
Automated Process Control System
Equipment and Facilities Qualification
Facilities Start-up and Commissioning
Information Systems Computer Validation