Company Overview
Platinum Group Coatings (PGC) produces high-performance microelectrodes for next-generation implantable microelectronics and medical instruments. Medical microelectronics use electrodes inside the body and on the body’s surface to detect electrical and chemical signals, and to transmit therapeutic electrical signals into the body. All of these markets are seeking ways to produce smaller electrodes that: 1) provide equivalent or enhanced performance in smaller form factors, 2) improve power efficiency, 3) increase the number of inputs and outputs for enhanced functionality, 4) are mechanically robust, and/or 5) enable a pathway to automated production of these electrodes. PGC’s proprietary Electrodeposited Platinum Iridium Coating (EPIC) enables all of these possibilities. EPIC’s nanotextured surface and PtIr composition reduce the microelectrode impedance by 10-100x thus enabling microelectrodes of smaller dimensions to deliver more current per unit area. Additionally, our electroplating process enables automated production of flex circuit microelectronics for chronic implant applications. Through NIH support from NINDS and in collaboration with University of Minnesota, Duke University and the FDA, PGC has been driving the development of high-number density implantable microelectrodes for recording and stimulation in the brain to treat conditions like Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, dementia and seizure. In parallel to our EPIC lead project, PGC has been providing EPIC coating services to academic researchers and device manufacturers across the nation. PGC’s EPIC coating service allows us to build customer demand, explore new markets, as well as test and refine our coating processes and its adaptability. Founded in 2012, PGC has secured approximately $3Million in federal grant support from NINDS. A spin-out from the NSF-sponsored Biomimetic Microelectronic Systems – Engineering Research Center at USC (Los Angeles, CA), PGC is leveraging a strong network of contacts in both academic research and the medical device industry to secure new business and drive our growth. PGC is seeking funding/partnerships to scale our production to service our new supplier agreements and to build out our quality systems for ISO-compliance. PGC has multiple potential short- and long-term exits. PGC is seeking to make EPIC the new standard in biomedical sensors by enabling the medical microelectronic devices of tomorrow… today.