Company Overview
SynVivo is recreating in vivo microenvironments on a synthetic microfluidic chip format to enable better prediction of human relevant responses for drug development and personalized medicine applications. 3D tissue-organ on chip models from SynVivo enable real-time study of cell and drug interactions and accelerate discovery by providing a biologically realistic platform that more accurately depicts in vivo reality. Complex in vivo microvascular environment including scale, morphology, hemodynamics and cellular architecture are re-created in an in vitro format. SynVivo’s 3D cellular models are morphologically and physiologically realistic and feature a side-by-side architecture enabling real-time visualization using standard analytical instrumentation. Commercially available models include tumor, blood brain barrier, inflammation and toxicology. The primary markets for SynVivo are (1) pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations as well as academic, research and government institutions for basic and applied life science applications including drug discovery, development and delivery and (2) “personalized medicine” where SynVivo chips can be used to culture a patient’s own cells for directly relevant drug efficacy studies. SynVivo’s drug development tools business is commercial stage with sales of chips, kits and instrumentation. The company is working with comprehensive cancer centers to perform pilot clinical studies to validate the personalized medicine cancer application.