Company Overview
KaloCyte is a preclinical biotech startup that has demonstrated proof of concept for ErythroMer, an artificial red blood cell that can be freeze-dried for long-term storage for pre-hospital treatment of traumatic hemorrhage.

Founded by experts in bioengineering, transfusion medicine, military trauma and red cell physiology, KaloCyte has successfully competed for $5M in NIH and DoD grants and raised $800k in seed funding.

KaloCyte has demonstrated proof of concept for ErythroMer, which consists of a synthetic shell surrounding a payload of human hemoglobin and other small molecules to mimic RBC physiology. It’s small size and life-saver shape make it a highly efficient oxygen carrier to pick up oxygen in the lungs and deliver it to hypoxic tissues. The nanoparticle shell acts as a cell membrane, preventing the nitric oxide trapping that was the downfall of prior HBOCs. Its synthetic shell makes ErythroMer a universal option for all blood types. ErythroMer can be freeze-dried for long-term, lightweight storage without refrigeration, then easily reconstituted with sterile water for use when needed.

Blood loss is the leading cause of preventable death after trauma. However, stored blood products are at times unavailable (pre-hospital care, austere environments, underdeveloped countries), undesirable (risk of immune response), or in short supply to meet demand (mass casualty event). ErythroMer has the potential to transform how we currently treat patients who need a transfusion when stored RBCs are not an option and save thousands of lives in pre-hospital settings, on and off the battlefield, when minutes matter most.

KaloCyte has exclusive rights to three issued patents licensed from Washington University. This developmental research enabled our team to successfully compete for $5M in federal grants from NIH and DoD and raise $800k in investor funding that will support advanced ErythroMer development, optimization and testing, positioning KaloCyte to advance ErythroMer to first-in-human trials.