Company Overview
Digidence generates real-world evidence to enhance the value proposition of your assets through digital technology.

We create software and leverage smartphone, wearable sensors, smart speakers and other technologies to create patient-reported and patient-generated data to:

Improve the safety and efficacy of a drug for new populations
Demonstrate the superiority of their brand vs. competitors
Better understand patients’ experiences and voice, including unmet burden
Improve quality of life
Reduce total cost of care
Increase adherence
Better manage side effects
Reduce healthcare provider burden re: managing patients
Receive approval for label changes or new indications

Our out-of-the-box solutions include:

--ePRO BYOD Software Platform
--CarePrompter Subject Engagement and Monitoring System
--Caregiver Buddy Software to enable informal caregivers to improve study outcomes
--Custom Software, Bioinformatics and Study Design and Execution