Company Overview
miDiagnostics is developing a radically new diagnostic platform to bring the potential of precision medicine closer to the patient and physician. Unlike current near-patient rapid tests, miDiagnostics offers the unique combination of affordability and instantaneous actionable data, enabled by the simultaneous measurement of a large number of biomarkers.
At the heart of the miDiagnostics platform is a nanoFluidic Processor, a silicon chip that controls all sample processing steps fully passively based on capillary forces, which removes the need for complex and costly instrumentation. The nanoFluidic Processor is embedded into a fully contained test card with pre-loaded reagents and which is read out by a compact reader, similar to a credit card and its reader.
We are initially focusing on nucleic acids and cell-based biomarker that enables a wide range of applications with a total peak revenue potential of over € 500 mio.