Company Overview
BioVinc (BV) has leveraged a Bisphosphonate Bone Targeting Platform Technology to identify Therapeutic and Diagnostic leads for use in several Unmet Medical Needs. In vivo Proof of Concept data and a significant proprietary position has been established for several opportunities for development. The company now seeks Series A Investment to develop one of these promising leads through clinical evaluation.

Our current focus is a novel, more effective bone-targeted antimicrobial lead. Our commercial goal is to bring to the market the first anti-infective bone graft substitute for use in dental and orthopedic surgery for the treatment and prevention of bone infections. This will be the first bone graft material (classifiable as a medical device) to possess powerful bone-binding properties which enables selective delivery of antibiotics to anatomic sites of osseous infection, with sustained local release of the antibiotic. Our novel technology addresses the unmet need for a safe, effective treatment of bone and implant infections in both dental and orthopedic applications.

BV has also developed a pipeline of IP and future development products from its Platform Technology. BV has received impressive non-dilutive funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) further validating the strength of its platform, totaling nearly $4.7 million. BV is therefore uniquely positioned to quickly translate this high value asset to clinical development.

Our team and current working network of collaborators represent a world leading expertise in the use and development of drugs from “Bisphosphonate” chemistry that has formerly produced several billion dollar brand therapies for the treatment of osteoporosis and the skeletal complications of cancer bone metastases. In particular, BV President and co-founder Dr. Frank Hal Ebetino was a member of the team that discovered and developed the bisphosphonate drug Actonel® for Osteoporosis at Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals. Also, BV founder and long-time academic bisphosphonate researcher, Professor Charles McKenna has developed multiple exciting antiviral and anti-cancer drug candidates. Together with co-founder and CEO, Dr. Shuting Sun, another medicinal chemistry expert, and bone pharmacology experts Dr. Jeffery Neighbors and Dr. Mark Lundy, BioVinc has developed a leading edge understanding of bisphosphonate pharmacokinetics on the skeleton to create their bone-targeted drug and diagnostic probe pipeline. This BV Platform Bone Targeting Technology therefore offers safer and more efficacious therapies and diagnostic leads for use in multiple therapeutic areas, including Infectious bone disease, arthritis, multiple myeloma and other bone cancers, and related dental applications.