Company Overview
SYNLAB Pharma offers a broad range of laboratory services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as to manufacturers of medical devices, novel foods and crop protecting agents. Our clients take advantage of our large spectrum of analytical methods for drug development and production including our global logistical capabilities; always working in accordance with the highest standards such as DIN/EN ISO/IEC 17025/15189, GMP, GLP, GCLP or GCP.

The SYNLAB Group is the leading laboratory services provider in Europe.
SYNLAB offers a full range of innovative and reliable medical diagnostics for patients, practising doctors, clinics and the pharmaceutical industry.
SYNLAB operates in more than 35 countries across four continents and holds leading positions in most markets. Over 20,000 employees contribute every day to the Group's success across different geographies. SYNLAB carries out about 450 million laboratory tests per year, achieving sales revenue of circa €2 billion.

SYNLAB pharma supports the wohole life cycle from research and development, through preclinical and clinical studies to release and manufacturing of the final drug product.

Our portfolio at SYNLAB Pharma includes:
- Central clinical laboratory services
- Bio-analytical services
- Biomarker testing
- Personalised medicine concepts
- Sample logistics
- Lon-term sample storage services
- Stability and release testing
- Production monitoring and hygiene testing

Take advantage of our extensive experince gained from supporting more than 3,000 clinical trials and projects.