Company Overview
Who we are ….
On 24th July 1788 the first chemical factory in Germany has been founded in Marktredwitz as CFM (Chemische Fabrik Marktredwitz). IRIS Biotech has been established in 2001 as an offspring, in order to strengthen the position in the Peptide and Life Science market.

What we do for our customers …
IRIS Biotech is specialized in reagents for Drug Discovery, Drug Delivery, and Diagnostics. We have specific know-how and production capabilities to manufacture and supply products from the following areas from grams to multi-ton lots:

1. Starting Materials for Peptide Synthesis, Peptidomimetic and Medicinal Chemistry
Protected amino acids, coupling reagents, linkers and resins for solid phase chemistry, natural & unusual amino acids, as well as building blocks used in Peptide Synthesis, Peptidomimetic and Medicinal Chemistry.

2. Technologies for Drug Delivery
With approx. 1000 different polymer carriers we provide the widest portfolio for drug delivery technologies used in Polymer Therapeutics for small API molecules, as well as for large biopharmaceuticals for latest state-of-the-art application areas like combination therapy and personalize medicine.
We carry the worldwide largest portfolio of PEGylating reagents from short monodisperse to long polydisperse poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives.
Poly(amino acids) like homopolymers of Arginine, Glutamic acid, and Ornithine, are modern drug carrier systems providing the advantages of polymer therapeutics also to small drug molecules.
PEG based Dendrimes offer a new possibility to synchronized multiple and parallel applications in diagnostics and combination therapy.
Our latest highlight : Poly(2-oxazolines) , where hydrophilicity and surface activity can be fine-tuned to application’s requirements, as well as linkers for the synthesis of Antibody-Drug-Conjugates (ADCs).

3. Reagents for Life Sciences and Diagnostics
Substrates for reporter enzymes and drug interaction studies, metabolites, glucuronides and inhibitors, inducers, antibody conjugates and cross-linkers, natural products, with biological and pharmacological activity, carbohydrates, dyes and fluorescent labels as Tools in Immunology, Diagnostic, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

4. Contract Manufacturing
We are carrying out many Contract Manufacturing projects in these areas; our strong points are unusual derivatives with one or several chiral centers.