Company Overview
KAS Institute of Research is an integrated Biopharmaceutical startup company focused on providing solutions for unmet needs in the current Biopharma Industry.
KAS offers pragmatic solutions to “Prevailing” and “Imminent” problems in current Biopharmaceutical sector in India and world market.
KAS provides contract research solutions to the real problems in biopharmaceutical sector with realistic and time bound solutions. The problems addressed by KAS are primarily related to therapeutic and diagnostic areas.

The objective of KAS is as below:
1. Identify and develop technologies for life-saving Biosimilars to significantly improve their access and affordability .
2. Develop diagnostic products that can significantly bring down the cost of Biosimilar product development and analysis in clinical setup.
3. Provide a platform for companies to carry out their research either jointly or independently in the facility set-up of KAS to accelerate innovation .
4. Provide customized solution to Biopharma industries to improve process efficiencies to bring down cost of Biopharmaceuticals.
5. To provide end to end solutions from clone development to final formulated product in a consolidated setup.