Company Overview
We are a privately owned company and sicne 20 years on the market. Our international and diverse Drug Discovery Chemistry team has more than 180 years of pharmaceutical R&D experience. Collectively as a team, we worked on more than 100 biomolecular targets from all major gene families and across all main therapeutic areas, such as oncology, neuroscience, cardiovascular & metabolic diseases, inflammation, autoimmune disorders as well as genetic & rare diseases. We have extensive experience in small molecule & peptide therapeutics, as well as siRNA conjugates for targeted delivery.
On a routine basis, our team with a diverse educational and cultural background stays up to date with recent trends in academia and industry.
At Taros, we are running our own state-of-the-art Drug Discovery and Process Research Chemistry facilities in Germany with the option for upscaling & kilolab production in our own Chemistry facilities in India. Biological in-vitro and in-vivo compound profiling is routinely outsourced to established and trusted partners. Our broad and deep expertise ranges from: Pharmaceutical R&D, Drug Discovery & Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling, Library Design & Production by parallel syntheses all the way to Process Research & Kilolab Production (non GMP). We are also proud to lead and coordinate the Discovery Chemistry consortium of the European Lead Factory (ELF), an IMI-funded Horizon 2020 project with € 196 million and 30 partners, as well as being a distinguished member of the Drug Discovery Hub Dortmund (DDHD), funded with € 11 million over a 3-year-period.
We are agnostic to any type of collaboration in Drug Discovery, from FTE-based work to fully integrated Drug Discovery projects.