Company Overview
Pandorum Technologies is a start-up, working in the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Pandorum uses its proprietary technology platform to develop functional human tissues- Bioengineered Cornea and Liver, intended for medical research and therapeutic applications (please find attached the introductory slide deck). At Pandorum, we build 3D functional tissues through a combination of cells, gels and cell modulators, using self-assembly, 3D printing and other fabrication methods to construct desired tissue like environment/ micro-architecture. Pandorum's 'Liquid Cornea' is a regenerative approach towards vision restoration through tissue engineering and scar-less wound healing, and designed for a simple, minimally-invasive application procedure, to curtail the requirement of post operative medication/care.
We are currently based out of Bangalore, India and expanding operations to the US with its base in the MBC BioLabs, Bay area, CA.