Company Overview

For Biopharmaceutical companies involved in Vaccine manufacturing and Stem Cell therapies, the biggest challenges today are 1) Process scalability (in terms of growing high-density mammalian cells in large bioreactors), 2) Production efficiency in terms of time to reach market, 3) Affordability (cost reduction in manufacturing processes)

With decades of bioprocessing experience and being a singe-use bioreactor manufacturing company, OmniBRx has developed the novel and efficient bioreactor technologies for large-scale biologics/vaccines production and for stem-cell therapy use.

OmniBRx team has invented a bioprocessing technology that solves the aforementioned problems by providing 10X process scalability, 6X production efficiency and up to 90% cost reduction in upstream biomanufacturing.

The CellBRx single-use bioreactors are the first-of-its-kind bioreactor devices that runs on proprietary Dynamic-Bed Reactor (DBR) technology and offer ultimate scalability with affordability. Our single-use bioreactors are specifically developed to reduce the biologics manufacturing cost up to 90% at larger scale. The CellBRx-Compass bioreactors are the worlds-first bioreactors to grow and recover stem-cells efficiently in high cell density and in low culture volume with robust automation (no manual interventions for cell growth and recovery).