Company Overview
IGES Institute was founded in 1980 and has become one of Germany’s most important voices for the health care sector. Independent and innovative, we have been working for all actors of the life sciences and health care sector.

For the pharmaceuticals industry, we are providing contract research and consulting for market access and reimbursement for pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices.

At Bio, our focus is on market access and pricing for orphan drugs and innovative pharmaceuticals for the European markets. Until today, we have been supporting a large number of health technology assessments projects successfully. We collaborate with a large number of small to midsize pharmaceutical and biotech companies, offering experience, insights and solutions across the R&D spectrum. We provide solutions that enhance the value of innovations. Smaller, more flexible companies require resourceful, flexible collaborators who provide innovative solutions. We can help emerging biopharma companies find their path to success and to confidently deliver results to regulatory authorities, investors and stakeholders. We closely partner with our clients’ teams to provide expertise that is tailored to their specific needs and assist in ensuring the success of their program.

We provide:
• Full dossiers for health technology assessments in Europe
• European core values dossiers
• Market analysis
• Real-world analysis and analysis of care provision
• Market access and pricing strategies
• Clinical trials