Company Overview
2bind offers tailor-made services for Drug Discovery and Antibody Research.

We give researchers, developers, and decision makers the power to accelerate and streamline key research processes.

Benefit from our milestone based projects that allow you to keep control over the project, the timelines and the budget.

2bind has a track record of over 600 completed projects (started at different stages). We have worked with 6 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as with more than 60 SME pharmaceutical and biotech companies and with over 25 universities (e.g. MIT, Stanford).

2bind is the first service provider certified by NanoTemper Technologies for nanoDSF and MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST).

2bind offers various assays based on four core technologies:
MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST),
Biolayer Interferometry (BLI),
Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC).

Drug Discovery Services:
Our innovative screening assays for drug disovery (nanoDSF and MST) help to identify and validate hits from different kinds of ligand libraries (small molecules, fragments, antibodies, aptamers).

We also help to characterize all kinds of molecular interactions in terms of binding partners such as affinity, kinetics, and thermodynamics using different technologies (MST, BLI, ITC).

Special binding assay formats are also available for measurements in bioliquids (such as serum, plasma, cell lysate, saliva, urine, sea water, fruit juice). These assays help to get information on the interaction of interest under close to native conditions (MST, BLI) and reveal potential off-target effects.

HSA-binding assays that help to understand the influence of HSA on compounds (MST, BLI).

Our competition assay formats give information on whether a ligand interfers with binding of two interaction partners, e.g. protein and receptor (MST, BLI).

Antibody Research Services:
We offer assays to study essential parameters of the AB-AG Interaction such as kinetics, affinities, stoichiometries; off rate ranking; kinetic characterisation;epitop binning; Affinity analysis in solutions (possible even in bioliquids such as serum, plasma, mucose, urine....)

In addition we offer biophysical analytical services to characterize protein stability and aggregation tendency using nanoDSF:

Detergent screening;
Buffer screening using our FDA Plate ™(Formulations of Developed Antibodies). Test your AB in buffer conditions of approved AB drugs;
Comparison of biosimilars to originators ADC characterization;
Long-term storage optimization assays;
Forced degradation assays;