Company Overview
The International Microbiome Centre (IMC) is a translational research centre focused on investigating the microbiome of humans, animals, plants and the environment. IMC offers unprecedented access to breakthrough technology and resources through a centralized hub in Calgary, Canada. IMC landscape provides an environment with expertise from microbiome research leaders and infrastructure with advanced technologies, together making this a powerful resource for microbiome research. IMC advanced technology platforms include a state-of-the-art germ-free animal facility, real-time imaging centre, phenomics core, genomics centre, proteomics and metabolomics centres, mass cytometry platform, biobanking platform and integrated bioinformatics platform. The 10,000 square foot germ-free facility is the hallmark of IMC that provides axenic and gnotobiotic (known microbes) animals for microbiome research, germ-free rederivation and testing services for animal model development, and access to gnotobiotic experts and experimental suites. These model systems allow for discovery of microbiome mechanisms of disease. As well, IMC has developed an integrated bioinformatics program that provides new insight into microbiome research. The impact of IMC research at the University of Calgary will create new diagnostics and therapeutics for health, increase nutritional value of food to promote health and promote productive use of environmental resources for better health.

IMC is unique in Canada, with the capacity to study the microbiome on a multi-disciplinary scale, with an emphasis on forming strategic partnerships with government, industry, and academia. These collaborations are vital to advancing microbiome research for real-world applications. Thus, IMC is positioned to make significant impacts in the microbiome research landscape that will improve the health and wellness for people around the world.

The University of Calgary provides companies with a unique opportunity to access leading-edge life sciences research. The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities, combining the best of university tradition with the city of Calgary’s vibrant energy and diversity.