Company Overview
3DforScience is a scientific communication and medical animation company for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare companies. Our mission is to provide illustrative content and visual solutions for the medical, health and technology related industries through 3D animation videos, Virtual reality and interactive production to enhance the clients’ health and marketing communications.

3DforScience's services allow healthcare sector to explain the mechanism of action of drugs, the mode of action of new technologies, medical devices or new therapies and transmit them in an innovative and visual way to differentiate themselves from the competition or make their advances more comprehensible to institutions, clients, patients and society.

3DforScience is committed to helping pharma and biotech companies for medical education and scientific communication content to enhance teaching and learning projects in life sciences areas.

3DforScience team is formed by 3D medical animators, marketing professionals, interactive programmers, web designers, medical copywriters, scientific illustrators and a Scientific & Medical Advisory Board with in-house molecular biologists, pharmacists, oncology and immunology experts.

Our expertise cover multiple disciplines as :
• Biology
• Oncology
• Biotechnology
• Immunology
• Medical Devices
• Genetics
• Anatomy
• Neuroscience
• Molecular Biology
• Cardiology