Company Overview
MyGenomeBox (The world’s first genome based open sharing platform) was established in 2015, with the spirit of challenge in response to changes in the current genome market and the potentiality for innovation and expansion of business to build a new genome-based ecosystem that has not existed before.
MyGenomeBox uses the "DNA App Store" technology, one of the "10 Innovative Technologies" selected by MIT Technology Review 2016, to allow anyone to manage or improve their lifestyle based on their own genome information. A consumer can store their genetic data in a highly secure cloud, which makes it easy for them to get access to their data and purchase DNA apps 'anywhere’, 'whenever', they need it. MyGenomeBox also creates an environment to accept genetic data from any source for consumers to maximize the use of their genetic data. MyGenomeBox realizes innovative services called “DNA App Market”, which now makes easier for people who have no knowledge about the genetic area to use their genome information to better understand themselves within just a click. We continuously focus on creating genome based customized management with all different industries to structure new “genome-based industrial eco-system.”
MyGenomeBox has the ambition to become an Innovative pioneer in the genetic industry. MyGenomebox already has more than 100 DNA Apps supplied by our app partners in 6 different categories, (Health, Exercise/DIET, Ancestry, Trait, Personality, Research) to provide information that is not only disease-related information, but also the fun and entertaining area to apply them in various ways to upgrade their lifestyle.
Genome information is no longer just for research or medical purposes but also for individuals to manage and understand their own information to use them in various ways to upgrade their lifestyle.
We already started collaborating with various industries to provide genetic information based "customized product and service", like cosmetic, wine, nutrition skin treatment and exercise and meal plan. In the near future, everything from gyms to restaurants will begin recommending and providing personalized service tailored just for you based on your personal genetic data will be possible through MyGenomeBox eco-system.MyGenomeBox is eager to establish themselves as a reputable service provider within the “Personal Genome-based Platform” in global markets. We have always been working closely with various companies around the world like US, China, India, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand to expand and find potential partners to create new cutting edge services to the platform.
We start to establish the title as “a global platform” that has users from 55 countries around the world and collaborating with company worldwide for service expansion
MyGenomeBox established Hong Kong subsidiary company in 2017 (DragonGeneBox), and established “MyGenomeBox India” last year for localized services and structuring India R&D center.
MyGenomeBox will continuously find a way to expand their business for everyone to peruse happier and healthier lifestyle and create an ecosystem to maximize the value of market participation and ensure transparent sovereignty of individual genetic data.