Company Overview
Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services is a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) that specialises in the GMP manufacture and sterile fill finish of vials for clinical trials and low-volume commercial supply. Regulatory compliance, technical capability and operational flexibility are at its core.

Manufacturing takes place in a purpose-built MHRA-licensed and FDA approved facility, enabling the CMO to handle products that require aseptic liquid filling and lyophilisation for a range of complex biologics, viral vectors for use in gene therapies and small molecule drugs.

Offering fast access to manufacturing slots and accelerated release of drug product, Symbiosis is primed to meet demand for small-scale, fast-turnaround drug product manufacturing, while maintaining regulatory compliance to the highest standards.

Symbiosis specialises in the sterile fill finish of biologic and small molecule products into vials, which are either liquid or lyophilised formulations.

Capabilities include the ability to handle and fill antibodies, proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, cytotoxic, cytostatic and highly potent APIs including ADCs along with conventional small molecules.

Symbiosis saves our clients invaluable development time. With short lead times to manufacture and faster release of sterile drug product, we get you into phase I/II quickly.

Our focus is service excellence through flexibility, responsiveness and timeliness. If you need a drug filled aseptically, come and speak with Symbiosis...we will exceed your expectations.