Company Overview
Anthem Biosciences is a CDMO operating out of two FDA approved facilities in Bangalore, India. We serve both small biotechs and big pharamaceuticals, providing them the full spectrum of services for their drug development programs. From concept to investigational new drug filings we can assist our partners with all their development and manufacturing requirements. With over 800 scientists we have expertise in both synthetic chemistry and biology development and manufacturing.

Anthems biology experience is in both the mammalian and the microbial platforms. Our service offering includes clone development, upstream process development, process optimisation, media optimisation, downstream development, protein refolding and purification. With over 300 scientists, this makes us one of the largest biology CDMOs in India.

Our cGMP manufacturing facility for microbial fermentation includes multilple 30KL fermentor lines. We have commercially viable ecoli and pichia expression systems available with experience in developing and commercialising products such as r-trypsin, r-carboxypeptidase, r-human enterokinase, insulin, glargine, asparte etc.

Our cGMP commercial cell culture facility currently has 200L fermentors. We have in-licensed high titre CHO and HEK cell lines. Teams at Anthem have asssited customers with development of a wide spectrum of biosimilars including rituximab, adalimumab, trastuzumab and others.

Anthem also has a GLP and AAALAC approved small animal vivarium. This allows us to perform all the pre-clnical DMPK work required for a drug filing including safety pharmacology, disease models, toxicity studies, ADME studies etc.

A complete service providor Anthem offers the highest quality services.