Company Overview
Latham BioPharm Group (LBG) provides the insight, knowledge, and network to unite teams and technologies in the Life Sciences. We provide the depth of expertise necessary to advance programs, by offering a range of life science services including business development, program management, functional subject matter expertise and strategic consulting; with proven experience in biodefense/pandemic response and strategic product development.

On the front end, we assist clients in evaluating critical business decisions and connecting with the target markets to assess opportunities with our Strategy and Portfolio Analysis, Market Research, and Commercial and Government Asset Analysis offerings. We then assist in finding and securing funding through our Business Development and Non-Dilutive Funding Services. Once funded, we drive successful advancement to a targeted value-inflection point through our Program Management and Product Development Team services. Finally, we help monetize the results through Business Development and Mergers and Acquisition support. While all of these services are available a-la-carte, success in each often leads to engagement throughout the life cycle.

For over twenty years, we have helped clients identify, evaluate, fund, manage, and monetize opportunities in a wide variety of business segments, generating over $1 billion in government funding and over $100 million in licensing fees and investments. The power of this experience should not be underestimated. LBG can help you to progress your product development program and get you to the next milestone! Contact us today to explore how we can put the power of our experience to work for you.