Company Overview
Contaminations are one of the major threats that may occur in bioprocesses. If contamination occurs, it may result in a complete paralysis of a given facility and its productivity. Although even the best protection cannot guarantee that no contamination problems will occur, a better prepared facility will recover faster, and chances are good that the contamination will not turn into an outbreak. The Phage Consultants company was created to help companies whose production is based on microbial activities to fight with and prevent bacteriophage and other contaminations. Based on our research and experience we offer different ways of assistance: from personnel training, through consulting and process optimization, to help with development of new facilities. Phage Consultants can help you avoid contaminations, as well as help in recovery from contaminations which had already occurred.
Due to frequent inquiries, we introduced a contract research service in all aspects of bacteriophage use in various fields of biotechnology, medicine, food, and crop protection, etc. Our extensive expertise in phage biology research allows us to deliver high quality results to our clients in a relatively short time and at a competitive price.
Our customers
We provide our experience and help to a wide range of companies that want to protect their bioprocesses against contaminations or which are experiencing problems caused by contaminants. Our customers come from a pharmaceutical sector, industrial biotechnology, research laboratories and a dairy industry sector. As the type of problems they are experiencing might be of interest to their competitors, we guarantee full protection of the customers' identity.