Company Overview
1. "Global Research & Industry Alliance, National Cheng Kung University" – Gateway to Cutting-Edge Technology
GLORIA at National Cheng Kung University is forging and strengthening mutually beneficial relationships between the institution and corporations worldwide. Research excellence at NCKU is centered on providing creative and practical solutions to establishing and supporting high-growth enterprises.

2. "GEcoll Biomedical Co., Ltd." - Large Segment Gene Editing Technology
Gecoll is the first company in Taiwan applying gene editing technology to develop biological material. Combining the exclusive “Large Segment Gene Editing Technology” (LS-CRISPR and LS-TALEN), and the concept of biofactory, Gecoll produces medical-grade biological materials that are safe, non-allergenic and most suitable for human tissue repairing and regeneration.

3. "Just Win Bio." - A first-in-class antibody drug disrupts the interaction of cancers and surrounding
Just Win Bio. is mainly interested to dissect the details related to cell-cell communication details in cancer and inflammation-related diseases. Regarding to our talents in gene regulation, intracellular and extracellular signal transmission, protein-protein interactions, system and molecular biology, we try to explore, identify and develop a pan-drug for further application in the majority of inflammatory diseases.

4. "Riche Biotech Inc." - Sample preparation free, Portable molecular testing system
Riche Bio provides a novel, ultrafast and cost-effective solution to revolutionize the PCR process. Our patented technology is photonic method using plasmonic photothermal conversion of iron nanoparticles, and our products deliver unprecedented convenience for point-of-need testing by allowing PCR directly from unpurified samples.

5. "MediVisionTech Co., Ltd." - UGI monitoring system
MediVisionTech mainly delivers medical devices to reduce the waste of medical manpower, to increase precision medicine and to provide telemedicine care in the spirit of seeking truth from facts. In order to provide real-time UGI rebleeding detection, we have invented an image based UGI monitoring system. The system consists of a tiny endoscope, a wearable host device, and a mobile display device. The tiny endoscope connect with the host and placed at stomach via nasal tunnel. The host is used to acquire image regularly and send to the mobile device for image analysis.