Company Overview
PUERTO RICO with over 60-year track record as a major center of pharmaceutical manufacturing and development stands among the top 7 US states in Specialized Employment concentration relative to the US (LQ>1.2) according to the BIO Battelle report. The Island with more than 58 USFDA/ EMA registered facilities, is one of the fastest growing producer of blockbusters biologics in the world. The island is being transformed into a place for new discoveries and groundbreaking scientific initiatives, as a part of the new vision towards competing aggressively in the innovation economy. The educated HR, central location, the business ecosystem with world class incentives makeup our unique Life Science Industrial platform. More than $66 Billion USD are produced and export to over 80 countries by our skilled, highly educated and creative workforce. The Island unique entrepreneurial environment, world class infrastructure, emphasis on innovation centers, unique public- private partnership, are all added value factors available to all size companies looking to establish in Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico has the ideal business climate with respect to world class incentives in US jurisdiction with fiscal autonomy continues to be a sound business decision to operate from Puerto Rico. Founded in 1985, INDUNIV Industry University Research Center Inc.) is a non-profit organization managed by a Board of Directors of executives from multinational and local corporations, public and academic institutions in Puerto Rico. INDUNIV mission is to maintain and grow the bio-science ecosystem through attracting new business opportunities, promoting innovation, knowledge sharing and investments. INDUNIV manages three clusters: the Pharmaceutical Industry Cluster, the Puerto Rico Bio-science Alliance and the Puerto Rico Healthcare Council. The organization is the Puerto Rico representative to the BIO's CSBA (Council of States Bio Associations).