Company Overview
The Hawaii Pavilion represents Hawaii Life Sciences, a network of collaborators bringing together life science companies, research organizations, entrepreneurs and supporters building the life sciences industry in Hawaii.

Our companies and research institutes are on the leading edge of innovation in the life sciences including:

Development of biomedical products, including vaccines to prevent and drugs to treat infectious diseases for which there are currently no medical alternatives. These “first in class” products are targeted against emerging, tropical, and bio-terrorism infectious agents;

Sophisticated automated research platforms to conduct biology and physical science investigations onboard the International Space Station (ISS);

Development of a mobile gene-based diagnostic platform that is compatible with all isothermal DNA/RNA amplification technologies currently available on the diagnostic market, and enables rapid, low-cost, on-site molecular diagnostics, which help to minimize the spread of human, animal, and plant diseases;

Research programs and world-renowned scientists at the University of Hawaii making many discoveries, inventions and innovations in pharma and biotech in the areas of tropical diseases, epidemiology, medicine, cancer research, and tropical agriculture.

More information on the life sciences industry in Hawaii may be found at: