Company Overview
The Texas Pavilion delegation, organized by the Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute (THBI), will host Texas companies, economic development executives, academic leadership, and industry executives to come together to seek international sales opportunities, represent their communities, and collectively Texas, on this world stage.

Texas’ large bioscience industry is growing and in 2016 employed nearly 90,000 across more than 5,500 business establishments. With employment growth of 8.6 percent and establishment growth of 10.7 percent since 2014, Texas has outpaced national growth for the bioscience industry overall, as well as in three of the five major subsectors. More than 40 percent of Texas’ bioscience employment is within the bioscience-related distribution subsector. Texas is among the top tier of states in several key measures of the industry’s innovation ecosystem including in academic R&D expenditures at nearly $3.3 billion in 2016; NIH funding at nearly $1.2 billion in FY 2017; in venture capital investments at nearly $1.6 billion
from 2014-17; and in patent awards where 4,704 were awarded to state inventors since 2014.