Company Overview
Taiwan Pavilion presents Taiwan's biomedical sector to the world. It showcases the policies and incentives of our government to promote the development of Taiwan's biomedical sector. It also shows the infrastructure, such as biomedical clusters, commercialization centers for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices, clinical trial consortiums, high-quality healthcare system, and environment for fundraising and financing, intellectual properties protection, regulatory compliance of Taiwan's biomedical sector. Taiwan Pavilion also exhibits some of the achievements of Taiwan's biomedical sector in recent years. Exhibitors, including industry players, academic and research institutes, hospitals, present their researches and developments, technologies, products, and services ready for international collaborations. Exhibitors, including government agencies and regulatory authority, present Taiwan's newest incentives and regulations to speed up the development of precision medicine, regenerative medicine, and telemedicine.

Taiwan has, for a very long time, devoted to the development of pharmaceuticals (small molecule drugs, biologics, active pharmaceutical ingredients, traditional Chinese medicine), medical devices (In vitro diagnostics, assistance and compensatory devices, monitoring/diagnosis/treatment/surgery devices), and applied biotechnology (agriculture, health food, environment, contract research services). As a result, Taiwan has acquired strong capabilities in biomedical research, development, and manufacturing. Taiwan, renowned for its world's leading capabilities in information communication technology and precision manufacturing, is already a global manufacturing leader in several medical device categories. Together with Taiwan's solid backgrounds in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology as well as with Taiwan's high-quality healthcare system, the new focus of Taiwan's biomedical sector will now include precision medicine, digital health, personalized diagnostics, and regenerative medicine. Taiwan really hopes to have the opportunities to collaborate with international biomedical players. We believe if Taiwan is given a chance, Taiwan will prove itself as the best partner in Asia for the world's biomedical sector.