Biotech’s Contribution to Innovation: Current and Future Drivers of Success

2:30 PM–3:45 PM Jun 4, 2019 (US - Eastern)

113ABC, Level 100


With their involvement in over 70% of the clinical pipeline — whether they partner, license or commercialize on their own – biotech companies continue to be the driving force behind innovation in drug development. This session will explore the current state of innovation within biotech companies and examine what is on the horizon for these companies. What are the critical success factors that will help them be best prepared to sustain their contribution to innovation and improvement in human health? Findings from a new IQVIA Institute research report will be presented followed by a panel discussion of the implications from the perspective of biotech, large pharma and investors. The report will provide a comprehensive landscape of the current state of biotech activity, including R&D, commercialization of new molecules, and strategic transactions. It will assess the potential impact of environmental factors including financing, technology, big data and machine learning, regulations, demand for medicines and payer actions. The report will also lay out ways in which data and analytics, technology and flexible business models can be applied to ensure the future success of biotech companies as an integral part of the innovation-based human health ecosystem. Sponsored by: IQVIA Biotech

Session ID: 546419