Digital Health

How Could AI Help Cure Cancer in the Next Five Years?

4:15 PM–5:15 PM Jun 5, 2019 (US - Eastern)

104AB, Level 100


The march to make cancer a chronic condition is progressing but true success thus far has been limited. With each new breakthrough, we are encountering more questions and tumors once thought of as similar are proving to be much more individualized than initially thought. With additional possible types of interventions, and more and more data, are we beginning to lose the signal in the noise?

While progress is being made, increased options present clinicians and patients with a new challenge: how do I know which drug or combination will work best? Enter artificial intelligence (AI). The technology has the potential to crunch deep, including a patient’s prognosis, treatment choices and clinical trial options. In this session you will hear from leaders at the forefront of discovery and precision medicine, discussing how AI is impacting clinical trial design in oncology, matching patients with better treatment options and how open research initiatives are applying AI to the research of new cancer therapies.

Ability Level: All

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