Nikon Instruments Inc Company Presentation

1:45 PM–2:00 PM Jun 6, 2019 (US - Eastern)

Theater 4


Jason Hill, Senior Biosystems Application Manager
The field of microscopy has long been a critical tool in the development of novel and impactful therapies. However, complex instrumentation and limited availability often creates bottlenecks in the research pipeline. BIO’s preferred partner Nikon is addressing this directly with a new approach to high content software integration and ground-breaking hardware advances. Users are able to create complex experiments easily and manage them across a wide range of conditions and samples, all while enjoying a live analysis and data-mining capabilities.
Companies who actively research using microscopy to probe cell culture or tissue sections would benefit in hearing how Nikon is changing the face of high content workflows. These advances are aimed at companies of any size to increase their user comfort and high impact data volume. BIO attendees will be the first to hear about the current and future solutions to their microscopy pipeline.

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