TCRCure Biopharma Company Presentation

1:45 PM–2:00 PM Jun 6, 2019 (US - Eastern)

Theater 1


TCRCure is a Series B biotechnology startup company in the cell therapy field. Founded in 2016, TCRCure has established R&D centers in Los Angeles, CA and Research Triangle Park, NC, as well as a translational medicine center in Chongqing, China. We have established four major product pipelines:
• Generalizable TCR-T cell therapy
• Long-lived and suppression-resilient CAR-T and TCR-T
• Personalized TCR-T
• Clinical immune monitoring services

TCRCure's lead products target Cervical and Nasopharygeal cancers. Phase I clinical trials are in progress, with expected completion dates of Q4 2019 - Q2 2020.

Our long-term objectives are to develop next generation cancer immunotherapies that control tumor progression, convert cancers to manageable diseases, and eventually lead to cures. TCRCure aims to industrialize cancer immunotherapy biotechnologies to provide affordable care and realize our goal of Patient-First Immunotherapy.

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