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Technology Solutions to Rapidly Counter Emerging and Unanticipated Threats: A Role for Innovation

10:45 AM–12:00 PM Jun 3, 2019 (US - Eastern)

103ABC: Level 100


Emerging and unanticipated threats are by their very nature difficult to plan for in advance and critical to rapidly address when they appear. These threats may take many forms. Countering these threats requires an equally broad range of solutions, from purely technology-enabled solutions to policy implementations and everything in between. Our collective challenge in rapidly meeting these threats is that our existing processes are largely based on delivering technologies through a linear process: We start with a need, we progress to a decision of whether to invest in S&T, product development (acquisition) or both; if we choose to invest in S&T, we transition successful S&T into the acquisition process, we field the resultant product and sustain, maintain and dispose of it. This process, by necessity, requires time. While some steps in this cycle may be accelerated through policy or directive, other steps – like understanding the nature of the solution needed to counter a threat, and how to develop it – may not be. This challenge, which hinges on the role of innovation in technology development, cuts across the DOD, the Federal government, and in fact, any organization tasked with leveraging research to deliver capabilities. In this session, we have brought together science and technology thought leaders, product developers and innovators who will share their insights and take a deep dive into the business of delivering cutting edge and disruptive technologies to rapidly counter emerging and unanticipated threats.

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