Molecular Health Company Presentation

4:45 PM–5:00 PM Jun 4, 2019 (US - Eastern)

Theater 2


Molecular Health (MH) is a data science-focused artificial intelligence (AI) computing company enabling and improving decision making in precision medicine in the healthcare sector. MH leverages capture, curation, integration, and analysis of large biomedical and drug data sets and combines them with novel AI and machine learning technologies. For more than a decade, MH has been developing Dataome, a unique high-quality curated, interoperable knowledge platform combining clinico-molecular and drug data with proprietary analytical processes. Dataome enables unlocking of actionable intelligence at molecular level to a) improve physicians’ diagnosis and therapy decisions; b) enrich and support drug discovery, drug development, trial optimization, drug differentiation and positioning for pharma and healthcare companies; and c) more accurately predict the likelihood of success of drug candidates in clinical development for better trial prioritization and resource and investment allocation.

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