Hesperos, Inc. Company Presentation

11:00 AM–11:15 AM Jun 5, 2019 (US - Eastern)

Theater 4


The mission of Hesperos, Inc. is to accelerate drug development and discovery through the use of a scalable serum-free multi-organ organotypic microscale technological platforms to provide preclinical phenotypic evaluations of compounds as an analytic service similar to that of a contract research organization (CRO). This service will provide guidance on general toxicity of compounds as well as efficacy evaluations to inform the choice of which drug to take into clinical trials using functional readouts that mimic clinical observations. Additionally, the same platform can also be used to test the potential safety of cosmetics, raw materials or nutraceuticals which is a secondary market for Hesperos technology. Our system serves as a surrogate for animal testing for the preclinical evaluation of compounds for toxicity for both acute and chronic applications as well as the simultaneous measure of drug efficacy for the development of PK/PD models to predict clinical trial outcomes.

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