HealthRhythms, Inc. Company Presentation

3:00 PM–3:15 PM Jun 3, 2019

Theater 3


HealthRhythms. is on a mission to become the world leader in tracking clinically meaningful behavioral health rhythms in order to deploy automated interventions to patients around the globe. By capturing critical behavioral information from users’ smartphones to assess sleep/wake rhythms, physical activity, social engagement from patterns of out-of-home activity, technology use and screen time, we elicit a 24/7 picture of individuals’ behavioral health and can use that information to provide just-in-time behavior change suggestions in the service of improved behavioral health. Pioneered by a team successful startup founders and leaders in tech, business, and medicine, HealthRhythms is working to redefine how behavioral health is understood and managed in the 21st century. Building on our mobile monitoring capacities, we are developing and testing smartphone-based interventions for a range of mental and addictive disorders

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