Seeding Labs Company Presentation

4:15 PM–4:30 PM Jun 5, 2019 (US - Eastern)

Theater 2


Seeding Labs is a US-based social enterprise with the goal of empowering every scientist to transform the world.

Through our Instrumental Access program, we identify talented scientists at strong institutions who are training the next generation and tackling local and global development challenges. We have built a coalition of over 140+ public and private sector partners and provided equipment and training worth more than $30 million to scientists at 70 institutions in 34 countries. We have developed best practices to make donating lab equipment easy and strategically-linked to CSR, employee engagement, and your emerging market strategy. With the influx of resources, our scientists have trained tens of thousands of students, produced several patents, secured new funding and collaborations and generated real results - from a new dairy breeding technology for African farmers to drug candidates for antibiotic resistance.

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