Drug overdose deaths including those involving opioids has continued to increase, reaching 42,000 in 2016 (CDC). The rise of opioid deaths appears to have occurred in three waves: first prescription opioids, followed by heroin, and most recently, synthetic opioids. Curbing this epidemic requires coordinated efforts from all healthcare stakeholders, and the response has been robust across the federal, state and provider levels.
During this session, the panelists will examine the opioid epidemic and the impacts of the response to help change the landscape of pain and addiction. Our assessment will focus on what has changed in the last 12 months, including the clinical impact, practicing patterns and the shift in opioid prescribing patterns. We examine the shift from large pharma to smaller biotech companies entering the pain market, and the emerging pipeline of novel cutting-edge drugs. Panelists will also discuss where we need to go from here.

Ability Level: Intermediate

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