Mind-body research began moving into the mainstream over a decade ago and it’s commonly understood that the mind affects the body and vice versa. Neuroplasticity is now considered a given as a plethora of research has shown that our brains, given the right circumstances, can indeed rewire themselves, and more cutting edge research has revealed that other neural systems can be brought to bear when needed as well. New disciplines of psychoneuroimmunology and explorations of the gut microbiome on mental health are rapidly expanding and giving rise to new approaches to some of the most intractable disorders of the brain. In addition, today there is surge of new bioelectrical treatments being cleared by regulatory agencies and in clinical trials for everything from treating chronic pain and serious mental illness including depression, anxiety, bi-polar and schizophrenia, to pediatric TBI and autism, and even stroke recovery and dementia rehab. In the challenging realm of brain health where pharmaceuticals have seen noteworthy and expensive failures – the next wave of treatments and cures may be coming from one of these novel sources. Our panel of experts will discuss recent research, the favorable regulatory environment and new business models around the electrifying new wave of potential for novel brain-body therapeutics.

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