Brain Health

A New Era: AI-Based Precision Medicine & Neurological Disorders

3:15 PM–4:15 PM Jun 4, 2019 (US - Eastern)

116, Level 100


There are more than 600 neurological disorders that impact millions of patients and families across the world. Nearly one-sixth of the world’s population suffers from these types of diseases and according to the World Health Organization, brain disorders are the leading contributors to the global disease burden. Although more than 400 new medicines are in development by biopharma companies, the overarching challenge is that the human brain is still a mystery.

We are on the precipice of a new era where Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) precision medicine will be utilized to understand the brain and ultimately treat neurological disorders. True medical progress will occur as we increase patient data collection, involve neuro-disease communities and accelerate the discovery of the complex circuitry of the brain by using advanced computing methods like AI and machine learning. In this session, cross-industry panelists will discuss how the upcoming decade will dramatically change the treatment of neurological diseases, the near-term challenges and opportunities and what breakthroughs in diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease could look like.

Ability Level: All

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